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Importance of Antivirus

Antivirus Definition Closeup Showing Computer System Security

Antivirus is one of the most important things to keep up-to-date on your computer, but it’s also an issue that is constantly overlooked.

What Is a Virus?

New viruses are created every day and can be made to perform many different tasks. A few examples include:

  • Make a computer run slowly
  • Prevent a computer from turning on
  • Damage or change how the system operates
  • Steal personal information
  • Infiltrate a network and damage multiple computers
  • Send unauthorized messages

These all have the potential to be detrimental to your computer and to the security of your information.

How Anti-Virus Can Help

You can think of Anti-Virus as a “gate keeper” of your computer system. It’s mainly used to protect the computer (and user) from incoming threats as well as destroy or warn of other threats to the system.

The tools to protect your computer are readily available, along with the necessary steps to maintain them properly. The major Antivirus provider McAfee listed five steps for the average personal computer user to use in their fight against viruses and worms:

  1. Watch for new software downloads that add to new layers of protection.
  2. Do not open attachments from unrecognized email sources.
  3. Install anti-virus software.
  4. Download updates on your anti-virus software.
  5. Finally, back up your critical information to preserve it in a worst-case scenario.

Without antivirus protection, your computer may be left completely defenseless against an ever-growing list of threats. To enlist the help of our professionals, check out our Hosting Protection options.