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Why Do I need a Firewall

Why Do I Need a Firewall?

According to a study by NCSA Cyber Security, only 4% of Americans say they understand firewalls “completely”, while more than 44% don’t understand firewalls at all – or know if they have one enabled on their PC. If you’re part of the 96% of Americans that don’t quite understand what[…]

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Enterprise Antivirus

Today’s IT threats are more sophisticated than ever before, and with more and more consumer technology entering the enterprise, businesses are becoming more exposed. To reduce this exposure, it’s recommended that businesses enlist some form of Enterprise Antivirus that will allow the enterprise to identify, stop and prevent threats. According[…]

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What Are Hackers Looking For?

According to PacketWorks, most individuals or businesses don’t believe that hackers would “waste their time” trying to access their networks or computer. However, there are a great number of different “goods” on a computer that hacker can exploit for monetary or non-monetary gains. Read: What Computer Hackers Are Looking For[…]

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Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Today’s business entails a lot of information exchange, and technology plays a big role in keeping employees, customers, suppliers, and partners informed. However, with technology advancing, so are occurrences of security threats such as cyber threats, malware infections, phishing attacks, web application attacks, and so on. Some form of intrusion[…]

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Importance of Patch Management

Patch management is the practice of routinely applying vendor supplied software updates (“patches”) to your computer systems. These updates, or patches, are designed to fix or improve the software. Applying a patch (“patching”) fixes bugs in a software package that could be causing problems. While some bugs may not present[…]

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