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Creating a Resilient IT System

Considering how much businesses rely on their in-house networks, you’d think disaster recovery would take high priority in IT system development. Unfortunately, many
companies don’t realize the importance of utilizing backup servers and redundant components until they’re hit with a horrible emergency. By that time, priceless data has been lost or corrupted, and significant network downtime is unavoidable.

At Arrowhead Technologies, our IT professionals know how to protect your IT systems from these unsettling situations. Why don’t you talk with one of our knowledgeable consultants and construct a plan for your business?

High Availability vs Disaster Recovery

What is the difference between these two crucial IT facets? Think of high availability as the addition of components inside your IT system designed to keep your network functioning in the case of isolated part failure. In our data center services, we often install redundant components in the event the power supply unexpectedly cuts out or a processor fails. The network stays available for use without interruption.

Disaster recovery involves broader preparations designed to kick in during a catastrophic failure. Companies that run on a proprietary data center sometimes forget to create a backup server for emergencies. This leads to horrible data loss during blackouts or server malfunction. One common disaster recovery solution is to maintain a cloud-based backup server where data is automatically copied in case failure in the primary data center. Applications and other network functions can run through the cloud while IT professionals work to restore the normal servers.

Why Invest in Backup Solutions?

For many businesses, network downtime represents more than just a loss of productivity. For those that host online storefronts or make their profit through proprietary apps, a downed network could mean substantial loss of revenue. User error, nasty malware, power outages, and other threats can leave your network in a tight spot.

Our Fort Worth, TX high availability and disaster recovery plans allow your business to experience little to no downtime even when your IT system faces a catastrophic event. We construct plans for businesses of all sizes, from new startups to vast enterprises.

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