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AH-hosting-monitoring-and-keeping-your-site-active-phone-laptopMonitoring your website

It is almost a “must” for businesses to have a website today, and while this may not be the most complicated part of business, it can confuse and overwhelming. There are many facets to a website, and if you don’t have a good design with the proper SEO, your website won’t rank. More important, though, is to have a reliable web host and a hosted monitoring service. Because if your website is down or not responding, you’re losing potential business.

There are several companies that offer hosting monitoring systems, but are they reliable? Website monitoring is important for a business website. It tests and verifies that end-users can access your website or web application, the functionality and uptime.

What is host monitoring?

When a vSphere HA cluster is created, automatically, a single host is elected to be the master host, which communicates with vCenter Server, monitoring all protected virtual machines.

Host Monitoring supports the vSphere HA master to respond to host or isolated management network and VM failures. Cluster hosts use HA agents to swap network heartbeats over management networks. The heartbeats monitor and respond to failures of the host, and thus, the need for a hosted monitoring service comes into the picture.

What are server monitoring tools? 

If all is going well and your business is growing, so is your network, and it becomes more important for the network to run effectively. To accomplish this, it is essential to know the workings of the IT infrastructure and to be watchful over the devices within the IT infrastructure through a hosted monitoring service.

Monitoring this IT infrastructure manually is possible, but as a business and its network grow, it becomes time-consuming, even impossible in most cases. There are web hosting monitoring tools available to assist with monitoring IT infrastructure. Here are six of those tools available:

  • Cacti – the flagship solution amongst open-source network monitoring in the field of graphical representation of the network.
  • Nagios – written in C language, this is a powerful tool for network monitoring tool allows the ability to almost anything that may be needed by network and system administrators for monitoring.
  • Zabbix – this is a full-scale tool for network and system monitoring combines numerous functions in a single web console.
  • Icinga – started as a branch of Nagios, this open-source network monitoring tool was rewritten as a stand-alone solution
  • PRTG – an integrated solution that is fit for small and enterprise environments.
  • NeDi – detects everything that it tracks and catalogs while constantly watching network infrastructure

Which tools can you use to monitor a website’s uptime? 

Are you looking for a way to watch the performance of the website, make sure you’re getting the percentage of uptime that your web hosting provider guaranteed you?

There is a solution and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. There are website monitoring services that will show you the strong areas and weak points of your website. With that information, you can make changes as needed which will improve your conversion rates. Here is a partial list:

  • Uptime Robot – a free solution that makes this a good starting place. The developers promise it will remain free, only charging for upgrades to any premium features that are developed later.
  • – a basic, free solution popular with webmasters that can help individuals and small businesses know when their website goes down.
  • when your website can’t be accessed any time throughout the day, you’re losing sales and rankings. Since manual monitoring is not possible, Pingdom has tools that can help.
  • – an all-in-one, cloud-based IT solution that checks your site every 5 minutes.
  • – a powerful tool that works 24×7 providing you monitoring service of your application, network, website, and server
  • – pricey for an individual or small company, but for a larger company, this is a monitoring service with built-in gadgets the statistician in your loves.
  • – multiple application possibilities using a large selection of testing instruments with straightforward multi-protocol monitoring server hosting to watch your personal site, file server or local network.

Can I host my own website? 

AH-hosting-monitoring-and-keeping-your-site-active-laptop-userYou can, and it doesn’t take much for a small business. You’ll find it to be a source of entertainment and rewarding experience. With Linux machine and old Windows, add some HTML files in a folder and load them to the Internet. If you’re not sure you want to commit to a hosted monitoring service or haven’t found one that you’re comfortable with, then yes, you can do your own hosting.

What is the difference between a website and a domain? 

A domain comes after the “www” in your web address or the “@” in your company email address.  The URL is how your website is found and that is what your prospective customers see. When you buy a domain, you have bought your website name.

If the hosted monitoring service you use is attempting to several connections hourly, they are sometimes blocked. You will then get a hosting monitoring script that is advising you that your site is down. Technically, your site is running though) The purpose of this is to prevent flood attacks and DDOS. You can always ask your small business consultant for their advice and recommendations. Get your website started with hosting monitoring in Fort Worth, TX today when you call Arrowhead Technologies at 817-989-9722!


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