Arrowhead Technologies

Hosting Protection

Hosting Protection is as much of a security feature as it is a reliability feature. Basically host protection allows an application hosting the CLR to declare some types of operations off limits for use by hosted code.

 Our 2 key Hosting Protection services include Backup and Disaster Recovery and Antivirus Protection.

  1. Backup and Disaster Recovery- In today’s world, having an effective data backup and disaster recovery solution is essential to ensuring that your business will have a bright future. Arrowhead Technologies is great with organizations of all sizes when it comes to disaster recovery and will work with you to provide technology that will enable your businesses to continue to operate with minimal interruption.
  2. Antivirus Protection is designed to prevent viruses, worms and Trojan horses from getting onto a computer as well as remove any malicious software code that has already infected a computer. That being said, antivirus software is the key to keeping your computer safe and running smoothly,