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Transitioning Into Higher Company Productivity

Microsoft continues to support the business community with time- saving, efficiency-building applications. Office 365 is their latest solution for companies looking to streamline their daily operations. With face-to-face calling, simplified instant- messaging, synchronized scheduling, and easy resource sharing, Microsoft offers all the tools you’ll need for a productive office environment. At Arrowhead Technologies, our team offers professional assistance to help you make the transition into Office 365. We help many businesses configure their new interactive systems, plus customization for even higher productivity.

Crafting Office Communication

Microsoft produces so many applications, it can be hard to keep track of  them all. However, our seasoned  IT  professionals  offer  valuable  insights as you tailor your communications and data  sharing  experience.  Put simply, we compare your goals with the tools available from Office 365 and create an interface that perfectly fits your business. Then we help your company transition into the new system.

Some of the most widely used tools from the Office 365 suite include Skype calls, Yammer IM, SharePoint, and Delve. Of course, businesses especially flock to Skype to replace faceless, impersonal client calls! Office naturally lends itself towards collaborative cross functional systems.

Making the Shift Into Office

Taking on a new way of managing tasks may feel intimidating, but our team is here to help! With our network transformation services, our IT professionals ensure that your network is thoroughly equipped to handle the cloud-based applications. We’ll also ensure that your network is completely protected as your employees experiment with their exciting new tools.

Microsoft’s Office 365 empowers you to manage your team better than ever before! It also enables your employees to quickly share data, creating time-saving applications, and generate invaluable reporting on your customer base. Our team would love to help you make the shift into Office 365 experience!

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They manage all of our software: all desktop software, all production software, all of our phone systems. And we’ve moved offices twice. I was able to say “handle this” and they were able to handle it. There’s nothing I’ve asked of them that they didn’t troubleshoot. When COVID hit and we all had to start working remotely, figuring out the logistics wasn’t a big deal because we were already set up for it, IT-wise.

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