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Automated Reporting, No Hassle

Back in the day, when a business needed to manage dozens of isolated oil and gas sites, doing so used to require hiring on-site personnel. They would collect data on each well and report to supervisors, who would compile the data relay the findings to upper management. The process was time-consuming, expensive, and challenging to exploit for potential system improvements.

Thankfully, oil and gas production sites can now utilize Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems to monitor and manage production. At Arrowhead Technologies, our IT professionals work with numerous companies throughout the DFW area to craft and implement these wonderful tools.

Streamlining Operations

Imagine cutting down on hundreds of thousands of dollars of costs by reducing hardware and personnel expenses. That is a reality for many oil and gas production companies in the Dallas and Fort Worth community. Businesses with a wide, expanded array of assets across the state need a way to manage all of them. Frankly, it’s decreasingly practical to rely on oversight personnel to monitor wells on opposite sides of the state.

Instead, many are switching to SCADA systems which monitor the production of oil and gas wells, identify problems or inefficiencies (in real time), and automatically generate reports to centralized management. No more hiring dozens of personnel to drive to each site, take readings, share data, and create usable findings.

These systems do not require extensive physical IT infrastructure (hardware), which would make the project enormously expensive. SCADA systems typically incorporate cloud computing technologies to simplify use, reduce the scope of hardware requirements, and streamline data sharing between authorized, internet-connected devices.

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