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Simplifying Operations

As businesses grow larger, the IT team(s) sometimes take on brand- new systems to help support the expansion. This works wonderfully, as long as the company stays relatively small. When a small business transitions into a mid- sized enterprise (and beyond) managing multiple IT systems becomes increasingly inefficient and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, these systems have become ingrained in the daily operations of the company (or at least the IT department), meaning valuable data could be lost if these resources are simply dropped.

That’s where our Fort Worth, TX systems integration team swings into action. We’ll help you preserve your disparate IT resources while consolidating them into one cohesive system.

What is Systems Integration?

Take a hypothetical mid-sized business. This company utilizes several reporting, inventory, and sales tools to manage their day to day activities. The problem is that their employees make a sale or initiate a project, they have to input the same data into multiple applications. As a result, each employee wastes a significant amount of time every day when they register a sale, generate a report, etc.

When juggling multiple separate tools becomes inefficient and costly for your business, systems integration works to bring them all together into one cohesive, efficient system. Some applications and tools might be eliminated (after their data has been preserved); others are folded into the new architecture.

How Does the Process Work?

At Arrowhead Technologies, our Fort Worth, TX systems integration service always starts by establishing your functional goals. Our seasoned experts keep them in mind as we construct a map for your new cohesive system. As we connect various applications, cloud-based tools, and hardware, our team ensures  that  data  flows  effortlessly  between them. The fledgling system undergoes rigorous testing and refinement before going live.

Afterwards, we’ll be here to make sure your integrated system continues to perform as intended. Your management and ground level teams alike will enjoy the increase in productivity, and your IT team will love the reduction in system maintenance! One of the best parts about our Fort Worth, TX systems integration service, is that multiple departments can enjoy the same cross functional system.

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