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Where are SCADA Systems Used?

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Where are SCADA systems used?

SCADA systems, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, are used in various industries, including oil and gas, electric utilities, and manufacturing to manage different processes and systems. The oil and gas industry, for instance, uses this system to monitor production at multiple sites to identify problems and generate reports to management. Electric utilities use the system to monitor current flow, the operation of circuit breakers, or to take sections on or off the power grid.

Not only do these systems monitor processes in a central location, industries choose SCADA systems in Fort Worth, TX because they are easy to integrate into current technologies with little new hardware. These systems operate using cloud computing. If you are interested in integrating this system into your industry processes, reach out to the IT experts at  Arrowhead Technologies. Get started by calling 817-989-9722.

What is meant by PLC and SCADA?

A programmable logic controller, or PLC, and SCADA systems are similar systems used by various industries like oil and gas to monitor processes and gather data. PLC systems are hardware systems while SCADA is primarily a software system. These systems are often used in conjunction with each other, the PLC running the machines and motors, while the SCADA monitors the processes, gathers and relays data to users. These systems help users make adjustments to the processes, such as producing work orders for maintenance or to shut down a process.

Why is SCADA important?

SCADA systems are important to industries like oil and gas so they can carefully analyze and keep track of production, pumping, and storage locations. This analysis is done in real-time and allow the organization to anticipate the best response to particular situations, and execute responses automatically each time that response is required. The system can monitor multiple sites at one time, which is valuable especially at sites where there isn’t enough manpower to manage such processes manually. For instance, if a leak is detected at any one site, the system sets off a series of commands to alert the organization of the leak and close valves to minimize any problems. SCADA is fully automated to manage common routine tasks once performed by a human, and drastically lowers the risks of any errors. These systems can improve production and save in a variety of costs. With SCADA or a similar system, you’ll need multiple people to monitor each of your sites and take readings and relay information.

What is the function of SCADA?

SCADA systems have multiple functions and operations. Its three primary functions are data acquisition, monitoring process and controlling systems. These systems are fully automated and relay information in real time to organizations for multiple sites.

How do SCADA systems work

SCADA systems gather data from a group of sensors and monitors in a particular area, and that  information is then processed. As the information is processed, the system sends out a variety responses like alerts automatically so adjustments like maintenance can be made. The system continually processing and analyzing data, monitoring different industrial processes and keeping systems under control.

Which software is used for SCADA?

When you install a SCADA system into your technology, the software you use will vary on the type of industry you’re in. Different manufacturers produce a variety of software for use with SCADA systems. Pharmaceutical companies, for instance, may use software from Mitsubishi or Siemens. Some common software used with SCADA includes WinCC Professional, Wonderware, and Automation Studio. Some of the top brands are listed below:

SCADA systems brands

  • Citect
  • GE Proficy iFIX
  • Cimplicity
  • Proface
  • Rockwell
  • Schneider Electric
  • Siemens
  • Wonderware

You should base your software selection on the needs of your particular industry.

AH-where-are-scada-systems-used-schemaAre SCADA systems connected to the Internet

SCADA systems are sometimes connected to the Internet, but SCADA systems cyber security could be at risk. There are risks of cyber-criminals gaining access to important infrastructural information ranging from operations such as heating or transportation, as well as power generation. On the other hand, connecting to the Internet makes it easier for users to gather the data acquired and present it. Internet-based SCADA systems have also been shown to improve production and lower costs in maintenance. Internet-connected systems will allow you to streamline the sharing of data to multiple authorized devices.

While cyber security is a major concern when it comes to SCADA systems connected to the Internet, if your building’s plumbing system has a breakdown, it can affect operations just as much. Broken pipes can seriously damage the building and may require emergency plumbing repair in Mesquite, TX, or elsewhere.

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